About Hidden Disgrace

Through meticulous research, Hidden Disgrace pierces through the veil of descriptions of Indians as either savages or “Noble Savages” and describes them as real people with both strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, it takes a hard look at the notion the conquest of North and South America by Europeans was “inevitable” and was, in reality, the result of deliberate choices.

Books such as Hidden Disgrace, which dive beneath the superficial explanations of Westward Expansion, are often criticized as being “revisionist history.” Such claims ignore the obvious explanation that aspects of history cannot be “revised” if they were never reported properly in the recording of history.

Among other historically documented myths, this book explains why the casting of the Wounded Knee Massacre as the result of an attempt to suppress an uprising fueled by the “Ghost Dance” is patently absurd. Important facts surrounding that dark episode in United States history are often ignored, miscast, or misrepresented altogether.

With this work, the author seeks to shed light on the true course of history.

Hidden Disgrace

Coming Spring 2020